Forever Heavy // Black Moth Super Rainbow

One can always find inspiration in music. Love this band. 


A discovery of a new forrest. Always a good thing. 

#Hello Brian

Currently messing around with the camera on the Samsug tablet and enoying a afternoon of autumal sunrays. Also introducting Brian, the Craigslist-found tablet, which has become incredibly useful since Charlie (puppy) spilt water on my mac (sadness). Either way, one outcome has been these (unintentionally) dark self portraits, so hope you enjoy.

# Chocolatier Blue

Perfect Birthday day today, including a stop over at Chocolatier Blue on University Ave. Loved these guys since I just happened upon their cookie ice cream sandwiches over on 4th Street. They make their own chocolate and it is pretty damn amazing. For a bargain chocolate fix go straight for their 'bark' -  $5 for a cute bag of chocolate bits & pieces. For today however I went for the fancy stuff (well it is  my Birthday...) Selection includes: Grapefruit Mimosa, Sage Honey, Vanilla Rum, Lavender Mint and Cherry Tarragon. 

# Embroidered

Ok, I've been somewhat obsessing over embroidered jackets and clearly to have snatched one (or two...) up during the ever-epic Zara sale. Seriously adore this. Even has a hint of leather on the shoulders (I need to take more deserving pics). Anyways, this will do for now and more to come...

# Skater Chic, Sway Chic

I can never have enough retro/vintage gear so when the folks over at Sway Chic offered to send me a fabulous item from their collection but reaction was, 'ummm, obviously!!!...'
So here we go, introducing the Chateau Marmount Mint Skater Dress - 100% gorgeous and a steal at $36.95. Love the textured detail (so unique) the cut fits perfectly and the color is right on trend. I decided to rock it up with a touch of black leather but could have equally turned it in to a more daintily, classic look (new post idea perhaps?).
Anyways, for my Bay Area readers; you MUST swing by the store in Berkeley or SF (so much stunning stuff to rummage through) or simply shop to your heart's delight right here

# Stumbled Upon / July Moon

Stumbled upon this feature in the beautiful blog July Moon. Pretty awesome surprise I must say ps.  you must check out this stunning and stylish ladies site here

# Nail Art Tutorial

I know this is not the case for all, but I certainly do love doing my own nails. While I must say that my right hand gets the lesser end of the bargain (I am right handed) I none the less spend hours playing around with different colors/patterns and so on. I've found myself playing around with masking tape at the moment (I keep it pretty low budget here!) but you can do some pretty cool things with it and get some nice effects. So, this is just something I was playing around with this morning. I promise it is so easy to do and my right hand doesn't look too shabby at all ;-)
Blue - Essie
Pink - Sally Hansen