# Skater Chic, Sway Chic

I can never have enough retro/vintage gear so when the folks over at Sway Chic offered to send me a fabulous item from their collection but reaction was, 'ummm, obviously!!!...'
So here we go, introducing the Chateau Marmount Mint Skater Dress - 100% gorgeous and a steal at $36.95. Love the textured detail (so unique) the cut fits perfectly and the color is right on trend. I decided to rock it up with a touch of black leather but could have equally turned it in to a more daintily, classic look (new post idea perhaps?).
Anyways, for my Bay Area readers; you MUST swing by the store in Berkeley or SF (so much stunning stuff to rummage through) or simply shop to your heart's delight right here

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Kris F. said...

Love it!